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Are you ready to escape to a place of calm, serenity and well-being? Experience one of our many soothing spa treatments in our tranquil spa environment to revitalize your spirit. Read about our professional treatments and step into the next generation at U Beauty and Spa. Whether you are looking for a one-time massage, or a custom-made treatment plan, we care here to meet your needs. From Skin Care to Massage & Bodywork, our spa specialists are ready to spoil you. See all that we have to offer below.



Mini facial 30 min, $50

Take a moment for yourself with our Facials treatment. A treatment that fits into any busy schedule, revitalize your body, mind, and soul with our relaxing, therapeutic invigorating Facials. You’ll leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and completely centered. Book your appointment with us today.

Massage & Bodywork

Thai massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Sport massage, Prenatal massage
60 min, $60
90 min, $90
120 min, $120

Combo massage
Body massage(60 min) + Facial(45 min) $130
Body massage(60 min) + Body scrub(45 min) $130
Body scrub(45 min) + Facial(60 min)

This nourishing treatment will make you shine. Discover a Hawaiian spa where you’ll feel awakened, balanced, and rested within a warm, welcoming environment. Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique and soothing Massage & Bodywork. Find serenity and balance with one of our skilled practitioners. Book your appointment today.

Eyelash extension

Classic lashes Full set $105
(Retouch in 1 wk $40; 2-4 wk $65)

Volume deluxe 3D Full set $150
(Retouch in 1 wk $55; 2-4 wk $75)

Volume deluxe 6D Full set $180
(Retouch in 1 wk $60; 2-4 wk $95)

Lash lifting $55

Transform into a new you and go from ordinary to dramatically alluring, with long, thick and luxurious lash extensions by Eye Plus Lash. Mascara is now a thing of the past because our eyelash extension service will give you the same look, without the mess! Imagine your lashes looking luxurious 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A visit back every 2-3 weeks for some touch up refill work and you are back on your way to looking fabulous each and every day.
Book your appointment with our lash specialist today!

Permanent makeup

Microblading hair-like 6D plus shading

Eyebrows shading 3D, Ombre brows

Eye liner $200 ( Top or button only $150)

Lip liner $200

Full lip color $300

** includes 1 time complimentary touch up in 4-6 wks.**

Microblading is new method. It is considered to be semi-permanent hair stroke technique. Using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into under Epidermis. Because we are impacting color closer to the surface. There is no spilling under the skin. The results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. Microblading will leave you with beautiful sculpted natural looking brows that you’ll never need to pencil in again. (aka you will wake up glam!)

Foot reflexology

we massage your head, neck, back and shoulders after our relaxing foot reflexology.
30 min, $40
45 min, $50
60 min, $60

A foot massage reflexology session greatly relaxes the body, thereby reducing any constriction of blood vessels and improving circulation. During a foot massage reflexology session, endorphins are released into the bloodstream, easing aches and pains, promoting a feeling of deep relaxation and balance. Find serenity and balance with one of our skilled practitioners. Book your appointment today.


Eyebrows $20
Lip $15
Chin $15
Underarms $22
Full legs $45
Lower legs $35
Full face $60
Full back $50
Bikini start at $35
Brazilian women $85 Brazilian men $100
** any combo 10% discount **

Want Hairless Smooth Skin? Schedule An Appointment Today!

Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal that is achieved by removing the hair from the root, with new hair not growing back in the waxed area for 4-6 weeks – far longer lasting results compared to shaving.

You can wax almost any area of the body, and there are many benefits for waxing over shaving:

•Waxing produces smoother results, with no stubble
•Slow hair regrowth leaves your skin feeling smoother for longer – without itching!
•Regular waxing often makes the hair grow back slower and finer
•Shaving can cause rashes on sensitive skin – waxing avoids this
•By waxing you also avoid the risk of cuts or nicks
Waxing is fast and convenient

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